Traveling and Playing CS:GO at the Same Time


Let me go straight to the point. Playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) has a lot of benefits. It can enhance your multitasking ability, your hand to eye coordination, your memory, and a lot more.

Likewise, traveling can also improve your overall mental health. So, imagine if you combine both!

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If you play CS:GO while traveling, you’ll get these advantages:


When you play a fast-paced video game, it’s natural to put your attention and concentration around your character. As you improve your skills, you’ll learn where to put your undivided attention. This is advantageous when you travel. If you play CS:GO, you’ll learn how to apply your focus skills in real life especially when you’re in an unfamiliar place. You’ll be able to be cautious about your surroundings, although, of course, there won’t be anyone you should kill. Playing CS:GO will remind you to be aware of your environment, thereby helping you enjoy your travel while staying completely safe.



Playing CS:GO requires you to memorize the maps. And how convenient would that be for a traveler! Now, even if you’re in a place unknown, one or two looks at the map would be enough for you to familiarize the place. Because of this, your sense of direction can also improve. You’ll have higher spatial intelligence plus mental rotation ability if you play CS:GO while traveling. Navigating around a town would be easy as pie for you.

Multitasking Ability


Obviously, riding a bus or a train while playing CS:GO are two things being done at once. And that’s a great idea to fight boredom while you wait. But there’s more to CS:GO than just that. Studies have proven that gamers have better multitasking capabilities than non-gamers. Their ability to pay attention, listen for footsteps, react fast, etc. all contributes to better multitasking ability. Doing everything simultaneously isn’t a big deal in CS:GO. And every traveler would definitely want to have improved multitasking skills to make the most out of everything within a limited time.


Want to enhance your hand to eye coordination quickly? Play CS:GO! You’ll be surprised by how well you can handle and respond to happenings in real life too. CS:GO trains your hands and eyes to work together to achieve a particular move and get the upper hand in the game. It’s a useful skill when you’re traveling because you’ll have to be able to respond fast to certain abrupt changes and events as well. Your hands’ ability to precisely do what you want it to do can even improve with CS:GO.

Problem-Solving Skills


Let’s be honest; sometimes our travels can be a bit difficult especially when we encounter mishaps or unpredicted incidents along the way. Good thing a CS:GO player knows how to think of a solution fast! Playing this famous game enables you to improve your problem-solving skills. And before you know it, you’ve already solved the issue at hand. Playing CS:GO can train your trial-and-error method of figuring out solutions so that when you need to apply the skill in real life, you won’t be too stressed.


Lastly, playing the game while traveling is just like doubling the amount of fun you’re experiencing! You get to remove the stress from your mind and body as you enjoy your surroundings and take a break from sauntering by playing CS:GO now and then. Seriously, these two activities are just too good to be true.